Edition 11

Kolbergerstraße 31

Munich – Herzogpark

In the year 1908, Count Herrmann zu Castell-Rüdenhausen commissioned the architect Paul Böhmer to construct the semi-detached mansion at Kolbergerstrasse 31. Today, it is a listed building.
It is only due to fortunate circumstance that the superior spatial quality of the mansion remained intact when the building was divided into three residences in 1940. Today, it stands there like a well-maintained antique with a fine patina. Over and above the property’s exclusive location, its historical substance is what constitutes its remarkable value.

raumstation Architects

Euroboden Architekturkultur
Raumstation Architects consist of Tim Sittmann-Haury, Fränzi Essler and Walter Waldrauch. A team of young innovatively thinking architects. Their buildings show clear reference to local building tradition but enhance the aesthetics of buildings and materiality to the present day. Through this they succeed in confidently adding to the urban context.

Euroboden Architekturkultur

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Euroboden Architekturkultur

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Euroboden Architekturkultur