Euroboden Interior

Individual interior design for your home

The team from Euroboden Interior provides purchasers of Euroboden properties with exclusive assistance in professionally designing their interior spaces in keeping with Euroboden's understanding of architecture culture. This allows architecture and cultural aspirations to come together in a synthesis of the arts that is evident in every aspect – while simultaneously increasing the value of the property.
Under the direction of Regina M. Hoefter and Justin T. Howlett, the team creates individual, custom solutions that are tailored to the personal lifestyle and budget of the customer.
The integration of existing furniture combined with contemporary design objects and special vintage pieces creates artful dissonances that are never ordinary.
Collaboration with the Euroboden Group's specialist planners and project managers ensures that the planning and implementation stages proceed smoothly and efficiently. This added value – paired with direct access to global suppliers and brand-name products – makes it possible for unique solutions to be implemented from just one source.