Euroboden Architekturkultur

Euroboden is the architecture brand among property developers. We place great importance on and devote particular attention to the relationship between developer and architect. We are intimately involved in the creative process from inception — starting with our vision. And once developed, sole responsibility for implementing the idea is not simply entrusted to the architect as is customary. As property developer, we work hand in hand with the architects to fine-tune and differentiate the original idea through an ongoing process of frank and open dialogue. We call this creative and synergetic process "architectural culture". As a source of creative inspiration and investor with architectural expertise, we are highly valued by internationally renowned architects, such as David Adjaye, David Chipperfield and Jürgen Mayer H. And we are just as keen to collaborate with young talents, enriching their work in the process.

The results of our meticulous planning and construction process speak for themselves: one-off aesthetic works of architecture that offer high levels of investment security too. In addition to creating new living space, they also enhance the cityscape, thus making a positive contribution to urban development in two ways.

The Euroboden Group's activities are primarily centred on the major German cities, with a particular focus on Munich, the company's home town. Our projects have been the subject of positive comment in many international architecture magazines and have received multiple awards. This recognition serves to further endorse the long-term strategy of our medium-size enterprise, which currently has project development work worth around 370 million euros on its books.


ARCHITECTURE MATTERS builds on the difference good architecture can make. Architecture not simply reduced to beautiful forms or as a cost driver, but as a cultural force that successfully captures and interprets societal life in all its diversity. A catalyst for renewal. ARCHITECTURE MATTERS is aimed at architects, those working in the real estate industry, policy makers, manufacturers and interested members of the public.
Stefan F. Höglmaier discusses, in a panel, the cultural role architects play in and their relevance to society and how they interact with the real estate industry.

New BNKR Exhibition: "Im Raum mit_Fattinger Orso"

What role do curators, artists and visitors play at an exhibition? Who is spectator and who protagonist? Who is curator and who artist? How do the usage and perception of space change during the course of an exhibition with several stages? These questions are the focus of our new exhibition "Im Raum mit_FATTINGER ORSO" by the Viennese architect duo that opens at 7 p.m. on Thursday the 18th of February.
The exhibition runs until the 28th of July 2016


It is a Euroboden tradition not to send gifts to customers and business partners at Christmas, but rather support worthy projects - in the spirit of architecture culture - instead. Our help in 2015 went to provide initial treatment for refugees suffering from acute traumatic stress in Hamburg. Euroboden is bearing the cost of renting the necessary rooms in the therapy centre that is operated by the Grone Foundation. Euroboden is also planning a project together with architect
Peter Haimerl to create low-cost housing that is also to be managed by the Grone Foundation.


Stefan F. Höglmaier, the Munich Urban Planning Officer
Prof. Dr. Elizabeth Merk and the architects Arno Brandlhuber and
Peter Haimerl hold discussions about housing development of the future: all larger towns and cities are faced with the challenge of satisfying the increasing demand for affordable housing. How can we plan things differently in order to transform the housing market of the future so that greater quality can be realised for less money?
The panellists attempt to identify promising approaches.


"The Schusterbauer is dead - long live the Schusterbauer!" With a wry wink to the above proclamation, artists Jutta Görlich and
Edward Beierle have identified their own personal "Schusterbauer" in
Stefan F. Höglmaier, the new owner of the Schusterbauerhaus in Riem. And since architecture and art serve to mutually inspire one another, sponsoring the art project "Stay awhile!" by beierle.goerlich is an expression of the Euroboden architectural culture.